About Us

The ESG Channel was created to provide readers with a “one stop shop” for the most current news relating to environmental, social and governance issues.  It is a work in process, but intended for a relatively broad audience.  As in many other fields, there is an overwhelming amount of news each day in climate change, labour standards, executive compensation, diversity and in so many other related fields.  The truth is we all lead incredibly busy lives, and it’s often a challenge to stay current.

This site is intended to help you “manage the fire hose” – both by pulling all relevant and material ESG news into a single easily accessible location, and by making sense of that news by sorting it using both broad categories and specific topic tags.  If you find The ESG Channel helpful, please drop us a note via the Contact Us page and let us know.  Yes, we are vain and love blanket complements.  But we would greatly benefit from understanding what you find helpful, what you think isn’t working, and what we could do to improve.  While we promise to read every email, we regret that individual responses will not be possible.

The ESG Channel Team